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about us.

Media, Marketing and More is focused, passionate, savvy and creative. We love nothing more than to tell a good story. That’s why we immerse ourselves in your business. We study what you want to do, then we develop a fresh, creative and thoughtful media plan to tell your story to your audience.

Our relationship with the local media is unrivaled. We understand what the media wants and the media trusts us to get them that information. We also have the buying power and relationships with media outlets to ensure your paid advertising campaigns get the most coverage for the best price possible.

No two clients are alike – which is why we don’t use the same strategies and tactics over and over again. We make it clear what you can expect from us so there’s no guesswork. We pride ourselves on our dedicated work ethic, exhaustive research, tenacious commitment and superior customer service, which produces results and significant value for our clients.